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It’s not always easy to manage projects reliably and keep them on schedule right from the outset. RPLAN Enterprise and RPLAN Connect are our solutions for project planning and scheduling. Step into the new world of project management and guide your projects successfully to completion: This is the software for anyone seeing a simple yet effective project management tool.

RPLAN Enterprise: The solution for ambitious projects

Good cooperation is even more effective than good planning, which is why collaborative project management methods form the foundation for RPLAN Enterprise. All parties involved the project are actively involved in the planning and management processes. Manage large-scale projects, cooperate securely and bring projects to completion more quickly.

Innovation built on know-how

As a direct spin-off of the market-leading project management tool RPLAN, RPLAN Connect incorporates the properties and features that have emerged as most useful over numerous complex projects – and as you’d expect for the new generation, the standards are high. Thanks to our experience, we know exactly how innovative applications should be created.

RPLAN Connect: The solution for small teams and agencies

Plan and cooperate with ease and maintain an overview of the whole project. Optimal cooperation is a success factor for project management. Share plans with your team and monitor their status in real time. RPLAN Connect is based on 20 years of expertise in schedule management: We know what goes into a first-class piece of project planning software.

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