Project Management, the easy way

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What makes RPLAN CONNECT great

Key benefits to help you streamline your Project Management

Instant Overview

Plan ahead with a clear overview of all your tasks with RPLAN Connect dashboard.Structure your projects by day, week or month using Gantt charts. From start to finish, all processes & tasks are depicted on your timeline.

Built for teams

RPLAN Connect is a collaborative tool, created for modern teams.Your entire team has access to all project information & up-to-the-minute planning status ensuring communication.

Ease of Use

RPLAN Connect's intuitive user interface gets you started in minutes.Create tasks, set deadlines & assign responsibilities with a click of a button. Delightful, non-intrusive tutorials to help you master your planning process.

Enable Communication

Visualize progress and communicate with everyone involved.RPLAN Connect allows seamless sharing between teams & managers. Export to Powerpoint or PDF for status updates.

Blazing fast

Open your browser, log in in seconds and get to work!RPLAN Connect lives in the cloud, is accessible everywere. No instalation, no tedious setup process involved. No learning curve, no hassle.

100% Secure

All of your project data is safely secured on our servers in Germany.The information is securely stored according to the Data Protection Act.

Trusted by amazing teams at great companies

Scheduling with RPLAN CONNECT

RPLAN Connect enables you to quickly schedule your projects, visualise them on a timeline and assign responsibilities. Update your starting dates and task durations with a click of a button, track changes in the activity log and always have an overview of the critical path of your project. Connect your task with dependencies and resolve conflicts easily.

RPLAN Connect schedule app, tasks list, gantt chart timeline

Team task Tracking

Manage your and the work of your teams with RPLAN Connect assign & responsible features. Bundle specific tasks together by using labels and stay on top of progress.

RPLAN Connect task tracking, label tasks, assign responsibilities

Sharing & Collaboration

RPLAN Connect integrates users both from inside and outside your company. Seamlessly include supplier or partner teams, share project tasks, get insights and feedback from external teams right in your multi-project view.

RPLAN Connect sharing features, collaboration features

Manage any project with RPLAN CONNECT