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Main advantages at-a-glance

Enable collaboration

RPLAN Connect enables you to involve the people crucial for the projects success, that are responsible for key project parts. Ensure they are fully invested in the project, enable collaboration between teams & empower them to plan and update their tasks. Be constantly updated on project status.

Simplify communication

Create beautiful overviews and visualize progress of your projects with RPLAN Connect. Our software allows for seamless sharing between teams & managers. Export to PDF and Powerpoint for easy presentations and status updates.

Super quick

RPLAN Connect is a modern cloud based in-browser project management software. No installations or IT support needed. Our easy onboarding will get you going in minutes.

RPLAN Online Project Management Software helps your team to get large scale projects managed together!

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The increasing challenges in today’s projects make effective collaboration of all the internal and external participants in different locations the key for the project success. In bigger projects, the number of participants as well as the need for coordination keeps growing as are external and internal partners & suppliers connected to the projects. The requirements for each project participant are therefore increasing, further increasing the complexity of the project.

This creates several obstacles towards successful collaborative planning. It is often the case in a complex projects that individual project participants are planning within their own task pool, with their own planning tools, not taking into consideration the overall needs of the project. Furthermore about the plans between participants only happen situationally and, due to the variety of the used tools, with the corresponding system interruptions. Updates of the individual plans and the project progress aren’t transparent or not transparent enough.

The solution to these obstacles and issues that arise from complexity of big projects are collaborative planning methods and tools. The key is to strike the right level of collaboration between the various project participants ensure proper communication flow between the teams and departments without interruptions. RPLAN Connect facilitates this crucial component of successful collaborative project management by ensuring this is the case.

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How RPLAN Connect helps you manage your project

Project structure with master project and sub-projects

Reduce complexity with sub-project structuring

RPLAN Connect allows for efficient collaborative planning by facilitating the restructuring of large scale projects into manageable sub-projects that can be assigned to various project participants. The Project and Task Hierarchyfeaturesensure that while everyone has an overview of the overall project plan. RPLAN Connect also allows for a folder system, so separate tasks can be bundled into cohesive sub-projects within the hierarchy.

Assign tasks to your project team

Work together towards a common goal

Creating a master plan is at the core of collaborative planning. Having a common goal and subsequent milestones that project participants aim towards enables for seamless planning of the sub-projects that will facilitate the master plan. RPLAN Connect shines in this aspect with roll-up views to get a broad overview, dependencies between the elements of the master plan and a “zoom by quarter or year” feature that allows for convenient progress updates.

Visualize cross-project dependencies in RPLAN Connect

Keep everyone involved in the collaborative planning

The key to successful collaborative planning is getting the milestones distributed to all projects participants. This enables them to plan against the master plan and create links to it RPLAN Connect allows for the creation of reference links which are a handy feature to incorporate the master plan into the small sub-projects in amulti-project planningsetting.

RPLAN Connect permission settings for projects, tasks and milestones

Manage permissions with ease

Share your sub-projects & plan with relevant project participants. RPLAN Connect enables a 3 tier permission system, with “Read” , “Write” and “Manager” permissions. Sharing both internally within your organization and externally with your partners & suppliers enables for efficient collaborative planning. Having a common shared database makes sure that all changes are immediately visible to all concerned parties in the master plan.

Project Plan Visualization and Status Reporting with MS Powerpoint

Share your progress with ease

Sharing progress, status updates across different managerial levels is key. RPLAN enables you to create beautiful overviews of your project shared plan and share them with the relevant project participants. Present your progress as detailed or as general as you like with our Filter views, labels and roll-up features.

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Plan always and everywhere

RPLAN Connect is web-based and all data is safely stored in the cloud. Your advantage: all project participants have access to the task lists,gantt chartand milestones from anywhere and can view from a conventional desktop computer in the work or home office to a tablet on the road. All data is synchronised in real time over the Internet and passed seamlessly to cooperation partners.

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