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Main advantages at-a-glance

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Centralize your Product Launch

Cross-functional teams spread across the globe is the new reality for project managers who lead Engineering teams, which makes it even more important to organize and structure your projects: Centralize planning, improve collaboration and streamline communication.
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Get Visibility on your Goals

Whether you are involved in component construction or prototype construction projects, it’s easy for Engineering Projects to get off track. RPLAN Connect keeps your goals front and center at all times, uniting the team with common objectives and an up-to-the-minute plan for achieving them. Get on track. Stay on track. With RPLAN Connect.
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Fast Track to a Successful Project

Your core skill is Engineering, not battling your project management software. So RPLAN Connect is intuitive and easy to use. Plus, ready-to-go project templates mean you can have your first plan set up in minutes. A few more minutes and all your dependencies are defined simply by dragging and dropping.

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Oversee all your Engineering Projects

RPLAN Connect Timeline View for Project Plans

Engineering projects can stretch out over months or years but RPLAN Connect has stamina and we’ll stick with you every step of the way. Zoom out to see your 1-year plan and zoom back in to see what you have to get done this week. Overview or detail view. We have it all. And it’s fast, flexible and easy to update in real time, so Engineering Teams rely on RPLAN Connect.

Additionally, teamwork is crucial over the long haul so we built in a wealth of interactive and collaborative features to unify your team - no matter what their specialty is and no matter where they are located in the world. All they need is an Internet connection and a web browser and they can be easily integrated into your Engineering project. So now, project planning with your team is easier than ever, especially with our MyTasks feature that allows anyone on your team to update their tasks and ensures that you always have the very latest status information.

Plan your project with a Gantt chart and then make it happen with your team. No matter how complex your Engineering Project, or how long it lasts.


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How RPLAN Connect helps you manage your engineering project

RPLAN Connect Create Gantt Charts Quickly and Easily

Create Gantt Charts Quickly and Easily

Time-tested and battle-worn, project planning with Gantt charts remains the first choice for project managers who need a schedule management tool, and RPLAN Connect should be your first choice among tools available because it is quick and easy to define your Gantt chart and even easier to maintain it with convenient drag and drop operations. Dependencies are simple too. Just draw a line and you are done! All of the successor tasks adjust automatically.

RPLAN Connect Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

You don’t have to be Julius Ceasar to know that the first rule of power is divide and conquer. Whether you have 10 tasks on your project plan or hundreds, RPLAN Connect makes it easy to organize them all into a convenient hierarchy, which can be rolled up to see the big picture or expanded to see all the details.

RPLAN Connect sharing features, collaboration features

Projects are about Perspective

Perspective is everything. It’s a great rule of life. But it is even more true for project managers of Engineering projects. So RPLAN Connect enables you to both immerse yourself in the details or zoom out and see the big picture. Daily and Weekly views for the details or Quarterly and Yearly for the big picture. Zoom til your heart is content.

RPLAN Connect Ansicht My Tasks

Win Championships with your Intelligent Teamwork

The great basketball player, Michael Jordan, once said: Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. RPLAN Connect enables intelligent teamwork by giving you the ability to easily invite anyone who has an email address to your team. Assign tasks, define permissions (read, write, manage) and win championships! All you need, and all your team members need, is an Internet Connection and a web browser.

RPLAN Connect task tracking, label tasks, assign responsibilities

Visual Status Tracking: Cross it off the List

Don’t you always get a great feeling when you cross something off your to do list? It’s the same in RPLAN Connect - but even better. Completion percentages are immediately recognizable in your Gantt chart because they are shown in a darker shade. And it’s not just you who gets this feeling - with MyTasks your whole team can update their completion status for every project and get that great feeling too.

RPLAN Connect task tracking, label tasks, assign responsibilities

The Import/ Export Business

Splendid isolation is from a bygone error. In our interconnected world, it pays to be open so RPLAN Connect gives you the ability to import and export Excel files and to export PDF files. A task list of 100 in Excel. Just import it. Project status required by your CEO tomorrow. Just export the PDF. We got you covered.

RPLAN Connect sharing features, collaboration features

No Setup Required

Setting up RPLAN Connect is simple. You just need to invest in a high-powered server with a lot of processing power and allocate 3 or 4 hours to the installation process. Gotcha! Just kidding! With apologies to Phil Collins, there is no setup required with RPLAN Connect. All you need is an Internet Connection and a web browser and a few minutes of time and you’re off to the races.

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