Features and updates

and a look into the future

Import CSV & Excel files!

We now offer a CSV and Excel File Import. In the Project Create Wizard you can upload your CSV or Excel file to get started right away with your data.

Assign a status to tasks!

We are happy to introduce a new column in our task view called "Status"! You can know set your tasks to be either planned, in progress or completed! Keep your team informed!

We launched a our new Help Center!

p We are happy to announce the launch of our new Help Center. Here to help you find answers to all your RPLAN Connect questions & inquiries!

More ways to create a new project

We added a new fancy button to create a new project even faster. Easier to find & more intuitive

Duplicate whole projects!

Now it's possible to duplicate Projects. Save time to reuse existing projects or project structures.

A better way to create tasks

Create tasks directly as a sibling instead of a child. Before you automatically created an subtask, which was confusing. Now it's much more intuitive. Summaries are now created via the ...-menü. To give you more control to do what you want to do.

An easier way to duplicate tasks!

Finally! Much more easier to duplicate tasks and create references! Before only possible via drag & drop we are happy to announce it is now direcly available in the menu

No start or end dates ? no worries!

RPLAN Connect now allows you to list your tasks without the need to assign start and end dates to them. Useful when you are starting to plan your project and you don't have the duration set. Listing all your tasks is essential and we now accomodate just that.

Need help starting a new project?

We are happy to introduce our brand new project creation wizard! Let us get you up and running with our new intuitive step-by-step guideline. Select a template, invite your project team, enter your key project data and get to work! The wizards walks you through everything you need to start a new project in minutes!

Free plan: Manage up to 3 projects

Ready to view, edit and link multiple projects within one view? We have increased the number of projects you can manage with our free plan. You can now add up to 3 projects and use RPLAN Connect's multi-project management features. Happy planning!

Additional payment options

We have expanded our payment options. Now it is possible to choose between monthly and annual term. Making it easier to unlock the full potential of RPLAN Connect.

Projects and plans as PDF

One of the most wanted features has landed, finally! From today you can download projects and plans directly asPDF. Just forward the PDF of your plan to your team, management or suppliers. You have the control over whether you want to plot to DIN-A0 or prefer to send a handy DIN A4 ...

Structuring and organizing projects

With the rapid growth of RPLAN, the demands on your project filing are also growing. By popular demand RPLAN now offers you the possibility to logically group your projects. The folders created in this way can be provided with the same roles and rights as you are used to from your projects. For example, you can centrally manage authorizations.

Keep overview with favorites

The number of projects we come into contact with on a daily basis is growing rapidly, not only in large organizations. Often, projects are just shared for your information. This is good and important in terms of transparent organization, and often confusing. Therefore, we now give you quick access to your important and relevant projects. Now you can mark projects as favorites on your dashboard and maintain an easily manageable list of things that you are currently interested in.

Easily shift projects and sub-trees

Would you like to plan a new project quickly and with little effort? Use our new function to shift projects and sub-trees. You can easily move all dates of a copied project or sub-tree to the right place. This means that you can start planning in no time.

Hello Judith, Tom and Maria!

Now you can enter your first and last name, edit your initials and insert a profile picture. Your name will be displayed instead of your e-mail address, and the initials are editable, limited to two characters. Add your profile picture using gravatar.com. This makes RPLAN Connect even more personal and simple.

Roll-up for milestones

Are you looking for a compact presentation of your project plan? With the new roll-up function, milestones of a summary task are displayed in one row. This allows you to present project plans in a compact way.

Advanced filtering

Our filter function has developed further. Now it is possible to hide parent objects and to display hidden objects that are not expanded. The input has also been improved: as soon as you enter a command completely, the command is highlighted in color and you receive suggestions for filter terms.

New filter function

With our powerful filter function, you can reduce complex project plans to the essentials and quickly gain an overview of your project status. You can, for example, see tasks within a certain period or overdue tasks. Filter the view according to the name of a task or responsibilities.

To further narrow down the results, you can combine several aspects: e.g. Which of my tasks are due today? or Which tasks with a particular label were completed? There are countless ways to filter!

Track changes easily

If a project is successful, all project members work closely together and communicate closely with each other. Project plans are constantly changing and being updated. With our latest update all changes are displayed in the object Inspector. The change log tracks who has changed what. As a project team member changes can be viewed at any time.

Your RPLAN Connect address book: All contacts in one place

We focus on collaboration within organizations and across organisational boundaries. In the past, it may happen that the overview of all invited freelancers, suppliers, service providers and project members of other departments was hard. Now we have an address book, with all contacts listed at a glance. You can check if invited team members have accepted your invitation, withdraw your invitations or directly invite new team members.

Direct invitation by e-mail

Your project team can change from time to time. Project members leave the team, new project members join. Now you can invite new team members directly by e-mail. Immediately after registration, the invited person has direct access to the shared plan. Have fun!

Flexible columns

RPLAN Connect offers you different data fields like start date, end date, duration and much more. Depending on your needs, you may not want to see each of the table columns. We have responded to your feedback and offer the possibility to choose which column is displayed in the column.

Free view of your plan

The current planning view consists of a table and gantt chart. Now you can adjust the ratio of the two views to your personal needs. Try drag & drop to move the separator line between the two areas. So you can set it up as you need it.

Change ownership is now possible

We differentiate between two roles within project plans: owner and responsible person. With our latest feature you can now easily change the ownership for projects. For example, you can create sub-projects and integrate them into your project structure. Then you can transfer the ownership to another team member.

Fast, faster, RLAN Connect

Our development team has worked very hard to improve the performance of RPLAN Connect in just the last few weeks. Expanding and collapsing the project tree has improved dramatically, scrolling within big plans now goes with high speed and large project plans load 4 times faster than before.

Create reference links

With reference links, we offer new possibilites to link and structure project plans. You can map and structure the most complex plans in a simple and collaborative way.

For example, you can create a top-down approach to hand over milestones to all other project participants. They can insert and link these milestones to their own project plans. Alternatively, you can use a buttom-up approach to collect several project plans and integrate them in your on master plan. Start a close and good cooperation!

Intelligent zoom

Doubleclick on a project or a task to easily focus on your project plan. The zoom level will adjust automatically to your screen size.

Display the critical path

RPLAN Connect highlights the critical path of your project. You can focus on the most important tasks to keep the project lead time low.

New view: project plan

The new project plan view displays your project plan in compact card view. You can quickly and easily recognise the logic and dependencies in your project

Helpful tips

In order to make it easier for our users to get started in RPLAN Connect, there is context-sensitive help to inform you about the next meaningful work steps and keyboard shortcuts. You will quickly become a power user!


The dashboard displays own and from other shared projects and tasks in one overview.

Delegate responsibility

Do you want to delegate tasks in your project to other team members? It's now easy to do and can be done for any project, task or milestone. The team members responsible automatically receive reading rights to assigned objects.

We love teamwork

In many projects not all tasks can be evenly distributed within the team. Single persons can obtain additional rights now. In the updated select field you can choose from all persons you already worked with to grant additional permissions easily for individual tasks.

Our notes feature: more than a post-it

In the detailed view an empty notes field is waiting to get filled up with live. That's new: Links to websites, tools, documents and email adresses will be automatically identified and could be used by one click. Notes are saved automatically, sure!

Happy weekend

As far as we know: single tasks can simply moved by drag and drop. Our new automatism ensure that saturday and sunday behaves/feels like weekend. In other words, at the weekend a break is announced, also in your project. Give it a try! Busy Lizzies: you also can switch back to work at the weekend.

Always nice to keep track

We love it to make your life easier: Now you have the opportunity to see who works in your team together, just with one click. Select the small "info-i" and click on the team name. Now you have all the hard-working team members at a glance. Beautifully clear, beautiful solution.

Plans have been changed?

Unexpected changes? New ToDos during the project? No problem at all. Just add new tasks in the current hierarchy using [ALT] + [Return].

Start collaboration easily

Since now you can create team easily at a task, project oder milestone. Just open the [i] symbol, select a team name, share the invitation link, select the role and start working together. Working as a group at one project has never been easier.

A stitch in time saves nine.

It´s now much more easier to have a focus, even in big projects. Tasks you should have done already and those you should do next are good visible.
If you are already in the future or even in the past, just jump to the present day.

Have important tasks in focus

It´s not that easy to keep several projects in focus, specially for dependencies between projects. What about just creating references and always see the up to date information? With references you can watch the details of tasks and milestones without the need to open extra plans. Changes of the source are automatically displayed to alle references. So your plan will be up to date all the time.

Delete ‘em all!

Change of plans? Big time? No problem! From today on you can delete a whole bunch of tasks at once. Simply select multiple objects and hit the Delete-button!

Every end can be dragged to a new beginning!

Links are one of the most powerful features of our schedule manager. Creating them just became way easier: Just drag one of the black dots at the beginning or end of one task to the beginning or end of another task. Et voilà! You created a link!

Corrections and Correspondence

Made a mistake? Unlimited undo was a feature in RPLAN Connect right from the beginning. Now it is even easier to reach: Just press [Ctrl]+[Z] ([Cmd]+[Z] on Macs) and your mishap is a thing of the past!

Closing the communication gap between various parties involved in a project can be a challenge. RPLAN Connect fosters quick and efficient exchange of information across company boundaries. With just two clicks you can now address the owner of a task by email. RPLAN Connect will automatically fill in the subject line and add a deep link to precisely the task you are referring to. Recipients know immediately what you are talking about!

Expanding on Collaboration

For a while now you can share entire plans or specific tasks with one or more teams. Until now those team members however were limited to being passive observers. Today we unlock the next level of collaboration! From now on you can grant write permissions. Share managing your plan with a group of people you trust!

Expanding a deeply nested hierarchy of rows used to be a tedious task. No longer! Simply hold the [Alt]-key while clicking the expansion triangle and an entire tree will unfold in front of your eyes. One click, all the details!

As time goes by

Some tasks make progress even without anyone working on them. (Those are our favorite tasks!) Concrete does not stop curing just because the weekend is about to start. RPLAN Connect now adds support for this kind of task.

To indicate that a task makes progress every day of the week, just switch it into "ed mode" (ed stands for "elapsed days"), and the end date will be updated accordingly. Switch back to "d mode" and our algorithm will ignore weekends when calculating the end date of that task. Finally you can watch those little green progress bars growing while enjoying your weekend!

Manage teams and permissions

Create teams, add and remove team members and assign fine-grained permissions to view specific aspects of your plan. From entire projects down to even a single tasks – you have full control over what everyone sees! It has never been easier to make sure your service providers have real-time access to the tasks they are concerned with! They see what they need to see – no more, no less!

On the same page (which you can find here) you get an overview of your own team memberships and what plans (or parts thereof) were shared with you.

Amend deadlines with the click of a mouse

Deadline for a job been put back? With the new "drag and drop" function, you can simply drag the task to the correct place using the mouse.

Easy scheduling with the calendar

Now you can quickly and transparently set dates for tasks and projects: open the calendar with a single click and simply select the day. The calendar provides you with a clear overview of everything: month, year and even the calendar week. The date can of course also be entered directly by hand.

First things first

Linking several tasks logically is a matter of course. But it is important not to forget that the order should stay exactly the way you want it. RPLAN makes this easy: Press the CMD button when selecting tasks and click on the icon to link them together. RPLAN Connect does the rest.

Always have an eye on the time

RPLAN Connect users are our more important source of input for improvements - one of these is now online:

Instead of always having to enter automatically the current day for new tasks, these now focus on the date on which they were entered.

Hello Firefox!

We are pleased to let you know that the latest version of Mozilla Firefox is now one of the supported browsers. You can now use this browser too to plan conveniently with RPLAN Connect.

With Chrome and Firefox, RPLAN Connect now supports the two browsers that are the most frequently used in Germany.

Together independently

Collaboration is key to RPLAN Connect. This also means that it is clear who is responsible for what task: Your schedule belongs to you, so a task that has been shared with you should not impact your planning unless you have decided that deliberately.

RPLAN next 1.0 - We are live!

We made it! The next milestone has been reached: RPLAN next is here!

To work. To plan. Together - that is RPLAN next's principle. Agile and collaborative project management - try it out and get started with your first project with absolutely no obligation!

If the benefits and advantages have already won you over, an unlimited number of additional projects are available for a more than fair 6 euros per year (incl. VAT). Without limited functionality. Without hidden costs. Convincing, without a doubt.

Welcome to rplan.com

Our new website is online! A new, dynamic and clear presentation of RPLAN Connect. You will find all you need to know about the product, our functions and prices here. Do you what to find out more about Actano? You are at the right place.

Shifting and sorting made simple

Your schedule has changed and you have to sort out a whole load of tasks? There is a simple solution: Press the SHIFT button, select all the tasks that you want to edit at the same time and simply shift them by drag and drop.

Share projects with others

Send the project URL to other RPLAN Connect users from the browser bar to share your work with your colleagues. The advantage: You can keep others updated on the latest information and planning status.


Do you need to link several tasks together in your schedules? It's a must, of course! Ultimately, the schedule has to display all dependencies. To increase rapidity and efficiency, the multi-linking function is now available. Simply select the objects by pressing SHIFT and click, then click on the link button. Done!

Never miss a deadline again

Getting lost in stressful times? This will never happen again: Keep your deadlines always in time. Relevant tasks are automatically shown in the project tree and timeline.

A quick move to the next line

Our goal is to optimize the use of RPLAN Connect via your keyboard. Use "Tab" to navigate horizontally through your Tool. With "Enter" you can quickly add new tasks and jump to the next line. You don't want to add new tasks? Just ignore the edit field by hitting "Enter" again.

Sorting your tasks is easy as pie via "Drag-and-Drop". Wanna try?

Never forget anything

Store important informations to your projects, summary tasks, to dos and milestones.


Various views of your projects give you clarity, especially when your project is particularly complex and involved, or runs over an extensive time period. You can switch between different options. Day, week, month, quarter or year? Switching between options is quick and easy; the impact on your project view is significant. Give it a try!

Make your success visible

You can keep track of your work and update your progress as you work on your tasks. To simplify planning, organizing and controlling projects, you can now easily show the status of your tasks: Enter your progress as a percentage of the total and the visualization via the time axis will follow automatically. That's it! Done!


Continuous delivery lets us achieve our goal quicker: build – test – deploy! By automating test and deployment processes we are able to include new features in the production environment and correct existing errors swiftly and reliably with low risk and minimum manual effort. This guarantees that all developments arrive on your screen "hot from our development team".


...you can also change your password in your user account.


We provide you with lightning-fast access to RPLAN Connect. No bothersome logging in after registration. Your personal account is created immediately and you can get down to work right away.


Why don’t you join in! To enable us to deliver the best possible product, our development laboratory has released a next version (=MVP) at an early stage. New features will be added regularly. Take part from the start and get to know the latest functions, even if the finishing touches are lacking. ´next´ means we're right at the beginning of development. Register now and start testing!


Sort your tasks and keep a clear overview. Our tool helps you map the course of your projects smoothly and simply.

Things are warming up

Right on time at the end of the year we are putting the current development status of our software solutions to its first test. The time has come to let "family and friends" and selected test users loose on the MVP (RPLAN next). MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product = minimal but quite usable. A mini product with minimal requirements. At the moment we are still creating the required accounts manually and sending the login data together with the URL manually to our first test users. BUT THAT’S SOON TO CHANGE!