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RPLAN Connect collaboration features

Join the club!

Groucho Marx famously said: I don’t want to be a part of any club that will accept me as a member. He would have been a terrible project manager! Successful projects are all about collaboration. And we make collaboration incredibly easy starting with our Dashboard which organizes everything according to what is yours (Own Objects), what belongs to others (Shared Objects) and what things you have to get done (My Tasks). Join the club!

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Team building made easy

We put the Connect in RPLAN to emphasize that it is all about collaboration. Of course, if you are a superstar project manager you can do everything yourself, but for the rest of us, it is about working with others. So we have a bunch of great features for managing your teams and the individuals on your teams. Setting up your project teams is super-simple! Just enter the email address of a collaborator and emails are auto-generated that let you invite anyone to join your team. And since team setup is email based, you can invite people who work for your company, and those who don’t.

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A symphony of sharing

As a project manager, your job is like a composer: deftly harmonizing all the elements by bringing in the right tones at the right time. A key part of this is delegating responsibilities. So we made it easy to share entire projects or sections of a project with anyone on your team. Not only that, but you can assign anyone either read access or read/write access. Accountability and Responsibility pervade our user interface because we know this is crucial to successful projects. Basically, someone has got to ‘own’ every task, and with our easy sharing features you can quickly share the ownership with your team and get to your goals quicker.

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Tell me what I need to know!

There’s a reason that the expression “more information than I really needed” is popular these days. People are overloaded with information. Bombarded daily with irrelevant facts and cat videos. Surviving this onslaught requires operating on a “need to know” basis. So RPLAN Connect allows you to share only what you need to share with your collaborators. Be it a group of tasks, a project, or multiple projects, you can precisely define exactly what you want to share. So your team will use a new expression with you: “that’s exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!!”.

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It’s Good to be Selfish - My tasks

The famous expression is: there’s no “I” in Team. Try telling that to Lionel Messi or Thomas Müller. Perhaps they would never say it out loud, but it is clear they know that if “I” score goals the team wins. The point being: it’s good to be a bit selfish when it comes time to getting things done. Recognizing this, we’ve added My Tasks - an individualized view of a specific person’s tasks across all projects. So you can instantly see all of your In Progress and Planned tasks. Not only that, even if you get behind, we help you catch up by always letting you know what’s overdue (in red text so you don’t miss it). Ayn Rand was right. There are virtues to being selfish.

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Reach out externally

Collaboration is completely email based, so it’s just as easy to work with ‘externals’ as it is to work with ‘internals’. No complex security set up is required. You define the sharing privileges and then everything is handled by RPLAN Connect. Track everything on the Dashboard where the person responsible displays for every shared object. Too many faces and names to remember? Just have your collaborators add their photos and they appear throughout RPLAN Connect. So you’ll never have to ask: “And who exactly are you?”.

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