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RPLAN Connect gives you total control over your projects and tasks. Set up priorities , label accordingly & set milestones on your way to success.

RPLAN Connect projects & tasks overview features

Hierarchy is a good thing

We live in a hierarchical society and whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is debatable (with those on top usually arguing for it). But with project management, it’s not debatable. You need a hierarchy. You might have 300 tasks in 30 projects. Even with your 27 inch screen, do you really want to see all that detail? Probably not. So everything is organized into folders, projects, sub-projects, tasks, subtasks that are conveniently expandable and collapsible. So you can take it 10 or 20 tasks at a time.

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Just an overview Ma’am

Ever known someone who tells a story with every single imaginable (and mostly irrelevant) detail? A trip to a store becomes an epic tale of adventure. A bad customer experience turns into an hours-long rant. Don’t you feel like screaming: just give me an Overview. Overviews are fundamental to RPLAN Connect. Sure, you have to know the details, but only when you choose to. The rest of the time you just want an Overview. So you can start with a project, and then look at the summary tasks, and finally look at the detail tasks. But one step at a time.

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Depend on our dependencies

You depend on your dependencies: your critical path consists of tasks that are stepping stones to other tasks. So defining, monitoring and tweaking your dependencies is absolutely crucial to your project success. But most project management software falls apart here. Dependency links end up looking like spaghetti in your Gantt chart. So we provide a completely unique Interface View that shows all of the dependencies, but just for a specific milestone or task, in a convenient slide-out drawer. Even cooler, you can look at the broader Dependency View which shows not just the immediate dependencies, but all extended dependencies for a task. You will become totally dependent on our dependencies!

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Diamonds are your best friend

Milestones were so important to the Romans that they were often built as marble obelisks (not Asterix’s friend, but rather, the tall towers). It’s the same for project managers today. You’ve got a long journey ahead and those markers along the way help to sustain you. Of course, you can’t build an obelisk so we make it easy to set up and track milestones in the Project View. Just select Milestone from the drop-down. No marble carving skills required! All of your milestones appear as diamonds in the Task View. And, with apologies to Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, diamonds are a project manager’s best friend.

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Delightful yet powerful filtering

Uh oh! Someone on your team has appendicitis and they are in the hospital. You have 200 tasks on your project and they are responsible for 20 of them. Filtering to the rescue! You can filter on any data element in your project. So just enter Responsible: Appendicitis Person and you see those 20 tasks. Awesome! But Argh!! You realize 12 of those tasks that they were responsible for are actually in progress, so you need to assign a new person ASAP. How to see just those tasks? No problemo! Just add a filter modifier of has: progress and magically you see all 12 tasks that have a status of In Progress. So everyone can Get Well Soon!

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What just happened?

Project managers move fast. Your software has to keep up! Not slow you down. You need to know everything that happens just in case things go wrong. But you don’t want to enter or track every little change manually. So our ChangeLog tracks everything for you, including all changes made by members of your team. The ChangeLog is available at any time for any line item in your project: just click on the Inspector (i) button. Bottom line: you have a comprehensive audit trail that you can use to track history and, if needed, investigate issues. In other words, you can always answer the question: What Just Happened?

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Hierarchy view

Like one of those Russian dolls, you can open up your schedule to look in greater and greater detail. Six, seven, eight levels of summary tasks are possible. As many as you need. And when a task needs to be broken out into sub-tasks, there is a great feature to do this: you can just click a button to convert a task to a summary task in the Project View, and then you can start adding sub-tasks. You’ll learn to love our hierarchies.

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Deal with the multitudes

It would be nice if you only had one or two projects to manage, but in reality, you probably have 10 or 20. RPLAN Connect helps you manage all of them by conveniently displaying all of them in the Project View. Don’t want to see everything? Just eject a project and it magically disappears from view. Want to change the order? Just drag and drop away. RPLAN Connect is for project management power users and we know you will be handling a multitude of projects so we make it simple and easy.

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PDFs and more

Of course, we like to think that RPLAN Connect will be the center of your world, but we’re big enough to admit that there is other software out there :). So we provide a variety of features for importing and exporting. 500 tasks in Excel. Sure we can import that. PDF printout for a meeting. We can export that. We’ve got you covered. Import and Export away.

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