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Time is of the essence. Plan your projects on our intuitive Gantt chart, visualise critical paths and bottlenecks & manage dependencies

RPLAN Connect timeline features

Our core: the Gantt chart

Henry Gantt invented the Gantt chart more than a 100 years ago. It is still one of the best tools available today for visualizing projects. Building on this proven concept, we provide the ultimate Timeline, which gives you an immediate and visual overview of everything that is going on in the big picture, as well as a whole bunch of super-cool zoom functionality so you can focus in on the details too. You can focus on conquering the world with your product over the next few years or surviving a product rollout over the next few days. It’s all possible. Henry Gantt is smiling somewhere...

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Zoom Zoom

Our Timeline provides an ultra-convenient way of looking at your Gantt charts. Need to see the really big picture: zoom out and see your projects and tasks in Years. Just the big picture? Zoom in and look Quarter by Quarter or Week by Week. Need to figure out how to complete your project in the next few days: zoom in to Day view. Oh no! There is a weekend coming up that might slow down your team? No worries mate! Non-work days are highlighted in a different color. And coolest of all: double-click on any object to fit it to your window. Laser-like task focus is now possible!

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Critical Paths are still Critical

Agile is in these days, but too often agile is just an excuse for doing everything frantically and at the last minute. Critical paths are still, well… critical. RPLAN Connect enables you to quickly recognize your critical path. It’s not rocket science. It’s just tasks, durations, dependencies and milestones. You know the routine. You just need a software that supports you, and doesn’t slow you down. With your critical path in place you can carefully track your progress. Just watch as the task bars darken as you move forward along the path, always indicating how far you’ve come and how far you have to go.

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Task Links & Dependencies

Dependencies aren’t always life and death, but they are critical to a project’s success. So, with RPLAN Connect, you can add dependencies right in the Timeline. Point. Click. Drag. You’re done! Convenient end-markers and start-markers on every task in the Timeline mean you can add one or more dependencies in seconds. Even more important, you can see all the dependencies visually and immediately, and adjust them on the fly as needed. Fight every fire!

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We Handle as Many Projects as You

You are a project manager with as many as 5 or 10 or more projects on the go. All at the same time. That means 200 or 300 tasks and maybe 30 or 40 different people involved. Yes, it can feel a bit overwhelming, but it shouldn’t overwhelm your software, so we built RPLAN Connect to handle as many projects as you can. Ten projects! That’s underwhelming for RPLAN Connect.

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Details on Demand

30 projects, 300 tasks and 30 people. 3 to 5 levels of sub-tasks. Yikes!! The details are multitudinous! A fancy word yes, but appropriate in this case. Multitude just doesn’t cut it. When your number of details gets up into the hundreds or thousands you’ll appreciate our roll-up views. Summary tasks and Plans can all be collapsed and expanded with a single click. So all the detail is there for you to see, but only when you choose to see it.

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Don’t Dupe It - Reference It

Projects within projects. Sub-projects. Dependent projects. Nested projects. Call them what you want, they are not for the faint of heart, but then again, we built RPLAN Connect to be an all-encompassing project management tool. So when you have 30 projects on the go and 10 of them are dependent on the other 20, you will appreciate the ability to create references. References are like shortcuts or aliases. Rather than copying big chunks of your schedule around (and getting out of synch with multiple versions) you simply create a reference. So the original tasks remain in place, but you can see the reference to those tasks in other projects and schedules.

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