Efficient project planning using Gantt charts

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Gantt with RPLAN Connect

Main advantages at-a-glance

Instantly better oversight

With Gantt charts on RPLAN Connect, you can bring a clear structure to even the most complex of projects. From start to finish, all processes and related tasks are depicted on a timeline. If a task or activity is delayed or brought forward, subordinated tasks are automatically rescheduled along with it.

Transparent cooperation

Invite employees and teams to RPLAN Connect. Colleagues are immediately able to get involved in planning and give feedback on progress. This prevents communication from falling by the wayside, keeps all project teams up to date and allows them to work more efficiently than ever before.

Quickly and simply to your goal

RPLAN Connect couldn’t be more intuitive. With just a few clicks, your project is set up and tasks are created, arranged and linked in the correct sequence thanks to a simple drag-and-drop function. You maintain control at all times: a stress-free road to success.

The online project planner that goes further

RPLAN Connect Timeline View for Project Plans

Complex projects consist of various planning phases. Which processes start when and how long they take depends on how smoothly the project has run elsewhere.

Let’s take construction projects as an example. Before “Trade A” can begin their work, important prerequisites must be put in place by “Trade B”. It’s here that RPLAN Connect really comes into its own. The drywaller is interested only in when he can get to work on the walls – so you can simply send him a link to the collective process in which he is involved. In this way, the time buffer built into your overall plan remains a secret that is shared only with selected “allies”. What’s more, any project participants who also use RPLAN Connect for their planning can link their sub-project directly with the milestones you have shared. Regardless of whether or not you have permission to view the associated plans, a direct connection now exists between the two milestones and will inform you automatically in case of a delay. This also works in reverse: your colleagues are informed immediately whenever you make changes to the big picture. Project participants from every trade can easily keep track of central project specifications.

As such, RPLAN Connect actively engages key individuals – from the initial project planning stage to coordination over the course of the project. The Gantt diagram makes project workflows and dependencies transparent for all users. Planning complexity – and thus planning effort – is decreased for all parties involved. Projects become clearer and easier to follow.

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How RPLAN Connect helps you manage your project

RPLAN Connect permission settings for projects, tasks and milestones

Create Gantt charts quickly & with ease

Getting started with RPLAN Connect is easy: with just a few clicks, your project is arranged into a clear structure. Relevant dates, events and milestones are presented to you as a proven-effective Gantt chart. The ability to create logical links between individual parts of the project and define durations for certain tasks ensures that a sense of orientation is retained during planning – even in the case of complex project structures. At the same time, you enjoy enhanced control: the clear, easy-to-read Gantt diagram enables you to recognise potential bottlenecks and risks faster and counteract them at an early stage. As a result, you save time on critical processes and bring your projects to a close in a shorter time frame.

Share your Project and Tasks with your Team

Bring teams together on projects

Successful project completions are a team effort. RPLAN Connect enables you to bring your colleagues together: with just a few clicks, individual teams can be created, members invited and project responsibilities laid out. Your advantage: the team is immediately involved in the project planning, can participate actively in allocated tasks and report directly on the status of various processes. All members know what they must do and for when, ensuring transparency. As a project manager, you no longer have to spend arduous hours chasing your employees, but can focus on what really matters: the successful completion of the project.

Delegate planning tasks

Together, not alone: RPLAN Connect makes collaborative work easier than ever. You can create and share project plans and tasks with your fellow team members, transferring the burden of complex projects to multiple shoulders. Responsibilities for individual processes are clear and transparent for all involved. Shared tasks are visually highlighted and can be integrated directly into project plans as needed without the need to move files and documents back and forth. At the same time, you retain full control over the three-tier role management, allowing you to define exactly what individual colleagues can see and edit.

Link tasks logically using Gantt Charts

Efficient project management requires the logical linking of projects, tasks and milestones. This interlinkage is made easy with RPLAN Connect thanks to its integrated drag-and-drop functionality. The Gantt diagram maps the durations and dependencies of the processes. With the help of the overview, even the most complex multi-project situations remain manageable. However, RPLAN Connect goes further still: the software allows you to instantly use milestones created for one project in any number of others. This functions in a cross-company fashion and equips individuals in each project area to create their own detailed plans. Ideally, your teams will manage themselves independently irrespective of where you and they are located, decreasing the overall amount of planning and management effort required from you.

Export and import excel tables

Ultimate convenience: have you thus far spent arduous hours carrying out your project organisation in Excel and are dreading the cumbersome task of transferring the data to an online Gantt chart in order to make it visible to all project participants? Never fear: RPLAN Connect will do this for you automatically. Simply copy your Excel lists into the software using copy & paste and a Gantt diagram will be generated. Gone are the times of confusing Excel spreadsheets! You can begin your project planning straight away and start benefiting from all the advantages above!

Communicate within a projects

With RPLAN Connect, all communication regarding the project remains exactly where it belongs – with the project. Employees involved in the project can quickly and easily record interim status updates in the notes. Links to web pages, documents, other tools and email addresses are detected automatically and can be accessed with a single click. Notes are saved automatically: decisions made are visible to everyone, nothing is lost. All team members – whether internal or external – are placed in the picture in just a few seconds. Getting started with RPLAN Connect doesn’t require hours of study: the intuitive Gantt chart interface makes it easy and quick to familiarise yourself with the software.

Gantt charts always and everywhere

RPLAN Connect is web-based and all data is safely stored in the cloud. Your advantage: all project participants have access to the planning software from anywhere and can view and control the Gantt charts on any device, from a conventional desktop computer in the work or home office to a tablet on the road. All data is synchronised in real time over the Internet and passed seamlessly to cooperation partners.

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