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Scheduling with RPLAN Connect

Easy and intuitive project management

Just get started with agile project control instead of protracted planning – no big deal with RPLAN. Our project management software is so intuitive that even the biggest projects practically plan themselves.

The latest technology and the highest standards in usability ensure that even complex projects can be drawn up instinctively, refined intuitively and shared intelligently.

Plan projects with the tool of the future

Easy and intuitive project management

Decades of experience have made Actano GmbH what it is today: Germany’s leading solutions provider for increasing productivity in product development, infrastructure and IT projects. The reason? Actano’s RPLAN project management software is simply the best way to implement demanding projects, thanks especially to its integrated collaborative project management methodology.

We’ve been on the market for over 20 years and develop RPLAN at two locations - Berlin and Munich.

Experts for the most demanding customers

More than 120,000 users in over 100 companies worldwide work with RPLAN every day in some of the most demanding sectors: automotive and aerospace. A few of our customers: Audi, Daimler, MTU Aero Engines, Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen.

Innovation with know-how

As the direct descendant of RPLAN, the leading project management tool, RPLAN Connect has inherited the best features and characteristics from many complex projects. And it has high standards, as a new generation should. Thanks to our experience, we know exactly how innovative applications are made.

Team Berlin
Team Munich

Why RPLAN Connect?

All the benefits at a glance


RPLAN Connect is based on 20 years of scheduling expertise. We know what is required of a top-notch project planning software.

Team Tool

With RPLAN Connect, your entire team always has access to all project information and up-to-the-minute planning status.


RPLAN Connect can be understood intuitively and is straightforward to use. Its comprehensive communications system keeps everybody informed about project status.

Super quick

Open browser, log in with a click and get to work – that’s how fast RPLAN Connect works. No installation. No learning curve. No hassle.


RPLAN Connect is cloud-based and its servers are in Germany, and all of your information is securely stored in accordance with Germany’s Data Protection Act.

Time for something new. All the time.

Sophisticated functionality and more

RPLAN Connect grows with the jobs it does – surpassing itself all the time. We’re making a good thing even better, including the existing features and with completely new additions.

Projects and plans as PDF

One of the most wanted features has landed, finally! From today you can download projects and plans directly as PDF. Just forward the PDF of your plan to your team, management or suppliers. You have the control over whether you want to plot to DIN-A0 or prefer to send a handy DIN A4 ...