Multi-Project Management with RPLAN Connect

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Manage your project portfolio with RPLAN Connect

Main advantages at-a-glance

Instantly better overview

With RPLAN Connect multi-project view you have a glanceable & efficient overview of all your projects. Be in constantly in the know, get project oversight, have total control over your dependencies between projects and make sure resources are allocated between projects.

Simplify communication

By using RPLAN Connect as your multi-project management software solution you ensure seamless sharing between. Communication flows freely between the multiple projects as colleagues, teammates, suppliers and stakeholders communicate efficiently.

Super quick

Being intuitive and speedy is at the core of RPLAN Connect. With a couple of clicks you are on your way to managing your projects. Arrange tasks and dependencies with simple drag-n-drop functionality.

Involve all Project Participants using RPLAN Connect

Managing multiple projects within your company is always challenging. Having a clear overview over the different projects running simultaneously, the dependencies between individual tasks and the communication flow is crucial for success. The complexity increases tenfold when your projects need to include your partners and suppliers. Managing and tracking the different tasks and project plans is difficult without the proper software solution.

Connect is a project management solution created to solve these issues in an efficient manner. The multi-project view allows for a clear and easy overview on all running projects, the tasks, milestones and deliverables attached to them, as well as the persons. RPLAN Connect allows you to integrate users both from inside and outside your company, such as partners and suppliers. By creating sub-project within your main project plan scope, you can seamlessly plug in external teams, share the sub-projects and get insights and feedback from external teams right in your multi-project view. This is where RPLAN Connect differentiates itself, by having the ability to manage multiple projects from different organizations, with connections and dependencies between them, from a single dashboard, a single centralized overview space.

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How RPLAN Connect helps you manage multiple projects

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Starting with RPLAN Connect

Getting started with RPLAN is easy. Our project list view and gantt-chart section allows you to outline your project plan, set your start and ending dates, establish your milestones and start including your team. Then expand the functionality as you need it! Create sub-projects, include your partners and suppliers and create linkages between projects, tasks & teams. You can then get the project data, share it with your teams, involve other project managers in the same view.

RPLAN Connect task tracking, label tasks, assign responsibilities

Get of the ground with our templates!

RPLAN Connect solves relevant issues in multi-project management by the usage of templates. By using them, you are able to hit the ground running, already equipped with starting points, durations and specifications of the project. Depending on the level of complexity and your project type, there is a template to suit your needs. Each template is flexible and adjust to your requirements. You can also save your existing project plans as new templates and use them as a basestart for future endeavours. Sort your projects with a handy folder system and label different plans as scenarios.

RPLAN Connect sharing features, collaboration features

Ensure maximum transparency & focus on essentials

When working in a multi-project environment having a transparent overview on all projects is crucial. Where visibility is placed as a key component, you ensure that every manager, team manager, team member and you have a clear overview. RPLAN Connect facilitates this by each project manager is responsible for creating and maintaining their own project plan. the data is immediately available at organizational level and can be aggregated by the multi-project manager in one view. on one page, it is visualized how the project portfolio is planned and when which milestones will be completed.

RPLAN Connect Ansicht My Tasks

Manage your tasks with My Tasks

My Tasks: A simple view of the project from the perspective of a single person. It shows the status and due date of your tasks. Tasks in progress are automatically sorted by due date so that prioritization is clear. Scheduled tasks are sorted by start date. Conclusion: The work plan is clear - both for the current tasks and for the upcoming tasks.

Not only can you view your tasks in My Tasks, you can change dates associated with each task. Simply click on the date information (including Overdue dates) and a calendar pops up, in which you can change the Start Date for In Progress tasks or the End date for Planned tasks.

RPLAN Connect task tracking, label tasks, assign responsibilities

Reduce project complexity by making visible dependencies

It is at the core of multi-project management that dependencies exist between the projects, sub-projects and tasks, such is the nature of collaborative planning. It is often the case that one project in your company is linked to the outcome to a project from your supplier and dependent on the success of a sub-projects that is part of a larger structure with one of your partners. Conflicts inevitably arise. All these interdependencies create a level of complexity that can prove to be a challenge to manage without the appropriate multi-project management software. RPLAN Connect excels in its ability to allow you to easily connect your tasks between projects, create and visualize dependencies and it plays a key role by allowing eventual conflicts to be resolved in a quick manner.

RPLAN Connect sharing features, collaboration features

Facilitate resource allocation

Allocating a limited resources across multiple projects within a company is a never-ending issue in a multi-project environments. Having a crystal clear overview on your ongoing projects is important when deciding where your resources are best spent. RPLAN Connect provides this ability to project managers. You can filter your resources , assign them to a specific tasks and monitor progress. This goes a long way towards ensuring that you have a clear overview on where your resources are allocated and where potential conflicts can arise that warrant a solution.

RPLAN Connect task tracking, label tasks, assign responsibilities

Answer questions

When working within project management, the ability to drilldown for information can prove to be an invaluable feature, one that gives a broad overview and helps informed decision making. RPLAN Connect makes this seamless with the help of opening all your projects in the scheduler and then filtering for certain criteria. This enables you to get an overview from different perspectives and quickly answer questions regarding task planning in specific departments and teams, tasks overdue and dependencies conflicts for example. The filtering feature in RPLAN Connect enables you to isolate a certain section of your multi-project plan and focus on getting the right answers about an issue.

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