Schedule your project tasks, manage & keep track of progress with RPLAN Connect

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Manage your project with RPLAN Connect

Main advantages at-a-glance

Visualize your project plan

RPLAN Connect makes scheduling of your projects an enjoyable experience. List your all your project tasks, milestone & deliverables in the tasks tree hierarchy and visualise your project plan with the Gantt Chart.

Simplify planning

Project management can be easy when using RPLAN Connect. Keep your task list lean and simple or expand the functionality as your project complexity increases. Be in control of your planning at any stage.

Quickly to your goal

Reaching your goals with RPLAN Connect couldn’t be more intuitive. With a simple drag-and-drop your project is set up and tasks are created, arranged and linked in the correct sequence. You maintain control at all times: a stress-free road to success.

Schedule and Update your Project Plan on an Interactive Timeline

RPLAN Connect Interactive Timeline View

RPLAN Connect is your one stop solution for all your project management needs. Our software solution enables you to quickly schedule your projects, visualise them on a Gantt Chart and assign responsibilities. Update your starting dates and task durations with a click of a button, track changes in the activity log and always have an overview of the critical path of your project. Connect your task with dependencies and resolve conflicts easily.

Different project participants are interested in different levels of detail. RPLAN Connect with its roll-up function enables broad overview whereas its zoom and collapse functionality enables project participants to get a detailed outline of all sub-projects and dependencies.

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How RPLAN Connect helps you manage your project

RPLAN Connect permission settings for projects, tasks and milestones

The ideal scheduling app for modern teams

RPLAN Connect is built for modern project management. Our project scheduling app is designed with modern teams in mind, teams that share projects, tasks and responsibilities. RPLAN Connect is cloud based, no installation required, allowing everybody to get access, giving you the power to control the permissions, and allowing for an easy start with our templates. Track all your changes in the activity log. Have full overview on responsibilities and get stuff done.

Assign tasks to your project team

Focus your project and get things done with RPLAN Connect

When managing a single ormultiple projects, getting all of your tasks in a single place and assigning responsibilities is key. RPLAN Connect makes it easy and seamless. Our task view and Gantt chart allow for a transparent breakdown of tasks & responsibilities. Everyone is on the same page, communication freely, sharing information and working towards a common goal.

RPLAN Connect excel import and export feature

Tired of spreadsheets? RPLAN Connect is the solution

Used to managing your projects with Excel spreadsheets? RPLAN Connect is your best choice! Our import and export to Excel feature enables you to save lots of time with no errors occurring. The added advantages are that with RPLAN Connect you can actually see the entire scope of the project, track the changes, share the project and work simultaneously with your team unlike a spreadsheet tool.

RPLAN Connect gantt-chart view

Your schedule at a glance

Are we meeting the deadline ? Are we on course to deliver ? Is every milestone on track ? Are questions of extreme importance in project management, especially if your project involves multiple participants. RPLAN Connect scheduling & visualisationfeaturesenable you to have a clear overview on your project and never miss anything. Just glance your timeline!

RPLAN Connect filter features to resolve scheduling conflicts

Optimize your team’s performance & remove scheduling conflicts

RPLAN Connect allows you to isolate any scheduling conflicts and help you resolve them seamlessly. By having your task list visualised on aGantt Chart, you are able to quickly spot any issues where the scheduling of any task creates a conflict, and resolve them. Furthermore, as you assign responsible persons for a task, you are able to assess their capacity and adjust your project plan accordingly.

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