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MarkusProduct Management

PhilippSoftware Engineer

ReginaInternational Recruiter

FabianSoftware Engineer


MatthiasSoftware Engineer


PeterProduct Management

LarsProduct Management

LorenzScrum Master

HendrikSoftware Engineer

JannaScrum Master

MarcusProduct Management

PeterProduct Management

DanielSoftware Engineer


OliverSoftware Engineer

DucSoftware Engineer

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We use JavaScript and CoffeeScript throughout the whole stack, from database (Couchbase) to the application layer (Node.js, Express) to the front-end code of the browser. We don't believe in monolithic frameworks, but lean and KISSy atomic parts. We have very high standards when it comes to code quality, unit tests and continuous integration.

All developers work on all layers of the stack regardless of their expertise level. Thus, "experts" that "own" aspects of the stack do not block the team. Shared code ownership is our principle. The majority of the code is written in pair programming sessions to accelerate the distribution of knowledge among team members.

We are social coders, heavily using and contributing to the open source community with our repositories hosted on GitHub. You will be paid with real money that can buy things, not some kind of virtual, phantom shares! Our funding is solid as a rock, and we are here to stay. In short, we are doing it right! You'll want to work with us.

2... and sunshine
3our office
4work-life balance
6team spirit
7no crunch-mode
8pair programming
9Let's talk ...
10every employee is a visionary
11open source
12team events
13we appreciate your input
14free fruit!
15a solid client base provides stability
16modern technologies, modern browers

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Janna is the Scrum Master of two teams at ACTANO. Having been involved in conventionally managed projects for quite a while in the past, she now particularly appreciates ACTANO’s agile methodology.

Janna continuously improves processes and working condition to ensure that all team members can work as efficiently as possible. Knowing that great products are created by happy, well-functioning teams, Janna never fails to put developers first..section-content

What are your job's technical challenges that you are most excited about?

I think it’s great that not one but two Scrum Masters work with the four teams at our Berlin site. This way we have enough time for all team members. By sharing both workload and experiences among Scrum Masters, we permanently reflect, adjust and re-evaluate what we do. This culture of learning is also applied in many different areas. We organise Hackathons, Coding Dojos and support our Communities of Practice. Everyone with a good idea has a fair chance of seeing it being implemented in a timely fashion.

What do you like the most about our company?

I quite enjoy the flexible working environment, the regular team events happening , the flat hirearchy and the culture and openness to change


Hendrik studies computer science and is a part-time employee at ACTANO. He’s developing web applications for more than four years.

On his own blog Hendrik writes about topics like git, vim and web development

What are your job's technical challenges that you are most excited about?

I like to share my ideas with colleagues. In particular I care about how we can raise the quality of our code and make processes even more efficient. With a product as long-lived as ours, quality is crucial. Responsibility for raising quality is shared among every individual developer.

We organize hackathons every six weeks to test new ideas and evaluate new technologies. This is how React, Redux and Docker were first introduced into our product.

To find new solutions to old problems and to tackle complex scenarios with simple and elegant code are the kind of things that get me excited.

What do you like the most about our company?

I like the friendly atmosphere and smart coworkers, the beautiful office space & stress-free environment. I love the high standards of quality, the iterative improvement of methodology ( Scrum, pair programming, TDD, CI) and the trus our management have in self-reliant teams