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Learn how to set up your first project, gain speed to manage projects efficiently in target. Master your multi-project environment & put together your success team. Learn more about our best practices.

Our Webinars: Walk-throughs & Use Cases

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RPLAN Connect: Basic-Walk-Through

Get an introduction to RPLAN Connect: We show you the most important features, how to create projects, how to invite your project team and much more.
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RPLAN Connect for Construction Projects

Get started to plan your construction project in RPLAN Connect. We will use examples to show you how you can use RPLAN Connect for construction projects.We will describe how you achieve increased efficiency for you and your team.
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RPLAN Connect for Mechanical Engineering

Get started to plan and execute your mechanical engineering projects. We will show you using engineering examples how you create an efficient structure to integrate all participants and work packages transparently into your project.

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